More than an academy, a collective force!

Advance with collective intelligence and achieve your goals. 

Coaching for women

Customized coaching for all women

At WomenLiftUp, we turn aspiration into action. In a day-to-day world where women often devote themselves to others, our academy is an oasis for refocusing on the self. Through tailor-made training, we catalyze learning, innovation and self-realization.

Our mission? To equip every woman with the tools and confidence to venture into the world of possibilities. Whether it's to propel a career or bring a personal project to fruition, WomenLiftUp is the springboard to success.

Join us and become part of a movement where, together, we build a future where every woman is the architect of her own success.


Corporate coaching

In an ever-changing professional world, the development and enhancement of female talent is more than ever a key to success. WomenLiftUp is proud to present a coaching program dedicated to visionary companies eager to unleash the full potential of their female employees. By participating in our program, you are affirming your company's commitment to professional equality and the development of female talent.

Why choose our program?

  • Harmonious Professional Development: Our approach is specifically designed to identify and remove internal barriers, thus promoting meaningful and sustainable professional development for the women in your organization.
  • Empowerment through Collective Intelligence: through collective intelligence sessions, your female team will benefit from the opportunity to enrich their career paths, thus strengthening cohesion and productivity within your company.
  • Confidence-building: By giving your employees the tools to boost their confidence, you facilitate their ability to take initiative and rise to new challenges.
  • Creating a supportive community A unique aspect of our program is its ability to forge strong bonds between participants, forging a true community within your company. This strengthened solidarity is crucial to improving team cohesion, fostering a working environment where support and collaboration are at the forefront. By participating in our program, your female employees not only develop their individual skills, they also actively contribute to a more united and committed corporate culture.

Coaching for female entrepreneurs

Mastermind for Women Entrepreneurs

Accelerate Your Professional Development with Our Mastermind

Do you have an entrepreneurial project in mind or in the pipeline, but you feel alone when faced with the challenges? Are you looking to overcome obstacles, gain skills and move up a gear thanks to collective intelligence? WomenLiftUp's Mastermind is for you.

This exclusive program brings together all the essential tools to develop both your business and your entrepreneurial mindset. With the help of our renowned coaches and consultants, you'll benefit from :

  • Concrete tools to move your project forward efficiently.
  • The expertise of seasoned professionals to guide your journey.
  • The collective intelligence of the group to enrich your experience.

During this Mastermind, you will work on :

  • Your strengths and talents.
  • Your thought patterns and vision.
  • Your deepest "why".
  • Your relationship with money.
  • Your leadership.
  • Your sales skills.
  • Your self-confidence and self-image.

If you believe in the power of collective intelligence and are ready to accelerate your professional development, you've come to the right place. Join our Mastermind to embark on a transformational journey alongside other passionate women entrepreneurs.

Bootcamp for Women Entrepreneurs

Optimize Your Time and Make Progress on Your Projects with Our Bootcamp

Join us for a day out of time, devoted entirely to advancing your professional and personal projects. Finding time to focus on what really matters is a challenge we know all too well. That's why WomenLiftUp has created a one-day Bootcamp, designed to offer you a bubble of efficiency and inspiration.

In a unique forest setting, you'll have the opportunity to :

  • Get to know and surpass yourself.
  • Work on your strengths.
  • Lift your inner blocks.
  • Develop your mindset and emotional intelligence.
  • Build a precise action plan, a real compass for achieving your goals.

This Bootcamp is the perfect opportunity to take a step back, reconnect with your essential resources and move forward thanks to the spirit of caring sisterhood and collective intelligence that characterize WomenLiftUp.

Enjoy an unforgettable experience that will mark a turning point in your entrepreneurial journey. Take advantage of this break to optimize your time and deploy your projects with confidence and clarity.


Coaching for women in career transition

BOOST Camp Pro: Your Career Accelerator for Women

Looking for a fresh professional start or ready to re-enter the working world after a break? At WomenLiftUp, we understand the unique challenges women face when they aspire to reinvigorate their careers or re-enter the job market. That's why we've designed BOOST Camp Pro, an intensive 3-month program entirely dedicated to your professional success.

Whether you're in transition, looking for a job, or simply looking to redefine your career path, BOOST Camp Pro is here to equip you with everything you need to navigate your journey with confidence.

During this program, you will benefit from :

  • Increased confidence: Overcome doubts and boost your self-esteem to present yourself with confidence.
  • Awareness of Your Skills: Identify and enhance your unique skills and your value on the job market.
  • Defining your Career Project: Clarify your objectives and draw up a concrete action plan to achieve them.
  • Orientation Update: Get tailored advice on how to navigate today's job market with ease.
  • Image & Communication Enhancement: Refine your professional image and communication skills to make a lasting impression.

WomenLiftUp's BOOST Camp Pro is more than just a coaching program. It's a career gas pedal designed for and by women, relying on collective intelligence and shared experience to propel each participant towards her professional goals. With the guidance of our expert coaches and the support of a caring community, you'll never be alone in this adventure.

If you believe in the power of collective intelligence and are ready to give new impetus to your career, BOOST Camp Pro is for you. Together, we'll work to make this period of transition an enriching and transformative stage in your professional life.



I'm Tamara Morgado, the founder of WomenLiftUp.

Convinced of the power that a community of women can have, I launched WomenLiftUp in January 2019.

I wanted to create a space where women could exchange and learn from each other. A caring space where all skills could be expressed, where the female voice could be heard.

As a lawyer and mother of 3, I also needed a space for my personal development that was just a few clicks away.

Passionate about people, I trained in emotional intelligence and neuroscience to become a coach and trainer, to bring even more to WomenLiftUp.

WomenLiftUp has naturally evolved into an Academy with tailor-made training courses for women.

Today I manage WomenLiftUp and I'm a Talent Agent, which allows me to put all my energy into supporting people.



"Thank you so much Tamara for having organized this unforgettable day in the heart of the forest to draw on our resources in depth and in kindness". M.C.

"Superb, inspiring day! Do it regularly to boost your energy" A.S.

"A powerful journey just within a day led by truly engaging and witted professionals with impressive capacities to turn mental obstacles into magic action plan to embrace the future and it ocean of possible! ".J.D.

"What an inspiring day, overwhelming and full of kindness and beautiful encounters! " A.L.


"Thank you Tamara Morgado for your enthusiasm and generosity. " S.S

"Bravo and thank you so much Tamara !! This retreat will remainengraved in my memory for a long time" M.C.

"A moment out of time, wonderful women together, collective intelligence in action, well-being on the agenda, meetings, reunions, discoveries, tears, letting go, awareness, support, encouragement, setting in motion, strategies, visions, advice, sharing of experiences, benevolence, friendships... and I can go on and on...  huge thank youTamara Morgadofor allowing us to experience such powerful moments, which help us to grow so much". M.E.

"Thank you so much WomenLiftUp and Tamara Morgado for these two timeless days of caring, exchange, well-being and collective intelligence to grow together. Recharging and reboosting".M.C.

" WomenLiftUpis all about the power of the collective and kimdness in action!" A.S.

"Thank you Tamara for sharing these moments with us! Sharing, the power of collective intelligence with women like you... Bravo to all of you for your careers and your know-how..." M.L.

"Thank you Tamara and all the Women of WomenLiftUp

Authenticity, simplicity, friendship and generosity! What beautiful vibrations to access our Self " M.Y.

"Everything came together: joy, energy, affection and sunshine.Thank you WomenLiftUp and to you girls.F.L.

Corporate coaching


"It's amazing to be able to participate in this kind of program! Participating in these two days of the program with Tamara allowed me to step back, explore new perspectives and focus on my personal growth." 

"A lot of benevolence from the participants and the coach. No judgment, more freedom to express myself in this group. Sharing experiences and discovering common ground. Great colleagues and coach". 

"An inspiring place. Sharing with colleagues at different stages of their careers. 

"Tamara is top notch, welcoming, caring and a good listener. The training is very interesting, I'm looking forward to what's to come. Sumptuous location, it's essential to do it outside to be able to totally disconnect". 

"I've learned a lot that will benefit me both in my work and in my daily life. Tamara has created an environment conducive to learning and personal development". 

"The exercises offered initiated a process of deep reflection on our personal development. I look forward to continuing to explore these discussions as part of the program." 

Testimonials Private Bank


"An incredible project that blends transmission, transparency and collective intelligence . Thank you to all the participants who put their trust in us." M.L.

"Mastermind combining self-knowledge and self-improvement with inspiring speakers". A.S.

"Mastermind that I highly recommend! I loved taking part! " C.J.